How to Write an English Essay for Competitive Exams?

In all academic competitive exams English essay writing made rough because it was dissimilar and complicated than other objective and theory exams. In exams they give a topic and students write about that topic. So they didn’t have an idea about how to start writing the given topics. Many students start writing furiously after reading the essay question. Don’t do this!  In this case, it’s becomes their initial letdown. Here are some tips to how to write an essay in competitive exams.

Before starting to write first five minutes you must spend reading the topics they give and then deciding which topic you have the most excellent knowledge about and therefore the best chance of scoring good marks and gathering up all the information that come to your mind. Don’t add any negative words about the topic.

Don’t write too much or too short, write five to ten paragraphs rightly with excellent handwriting. Not time for a detailed introduction but is definite to introduce the topic, your argument. Before you continue with the body of the essay, write an outline that summarizes your most important supporting points. Don’t waste the time.

As topic statement is a first paragraph of an essay, similarly conclusion is an ending paragraph of an essay. After complete the essay read first to last silently. Competitive essay exams can be worrying. You may describe a blank, end of time, or find that you deserted an important part of the path in studying for the examination. Obviously, excellent preparation and time management can help you keep away from these depressing experiences.


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