5-College Essay Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Writing a college essay is stressful for all students. A lot of students can’t see beyond the external punctual to make an essay that completely communicates their behavior and passion. How do you avoid essay writing mistakes in admissions essay? There are some mistakes that every time show up in college admission essays that must be avoided at all.

Start Early and Take Your Time

Don’t wait until the last minute. Application essays almost always take longer than you expect time. Spend the time necessary to do it correct.

Make Your Essay the Correct Length

Many prompts state a required number of words. If it’s 200 to 250 words, don’t put in your 500 word essay. Actually, many online applications will not even accept more than the fixed limit. Don’t constant worry if your essay appears too short.

Be Personable and Specific

Brainstorm with others. Don’t be afraid to think creatively. Colleges don’t learn much from a common essay.

Answer the Question

Carefully read the prompt and pay exacting attention to two part questions. The admissions officers are looking for a window your passion and reasoning.

Forgetting to Proofread

Students must proofread their applications and essays after the complete your writing. They should request to teacher, parent, or guidance to proofread them as well. Your college admission essay is very important, so you don’t want to let any way to slip through. The best way to catch these things is to read your essay out loudly.


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